About Shades Unlimited​

Founded in 1982, Shades Unlimited  is a Pennsylvania-based retailer of custom window treatments. The company supplies and installs a variety of products and services to meet its clients’ shading, privacy, energy efficiency, light management, and aesthetic needs.

The company focuses on providing clients with outstanding service and the finest quality of blinds, shades, draperies, shutters, and fabric awnings. It offers thousands of products for residential, commercial, government, and institutional applications throughout the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S.

Shades Unlimited expanded their business to begin serving northwestern Montana in 2010.  This division offers both commercial and residential custom window treatments.

Company History

Elaine and Bob Deluca started out quite unintentionally in the shade business in 1982.

That spring Bob’s mother had been looking without much success for woven-wood porch shades for the new three-season porch on her summer home at Lake Silkworth in northeast Pennsylvania.

She had a general idea of what she wanted for her windows: A high-quality, attractive product at the best price. But like most people, she lacked the necessary measuring and product knowledge to ensure that her purchase would look and fit perfectly.

That’s when Bob and Elaine offered to lend a hand. Handy with tools and with eye for interiors, the couple got involved, and Shades Unlimited had its quiet beginning.

Much like today, there were plenty of options then in a range of budgets to cover one’s windows, but Bob and Elaine were keen on finding something that would last, both in workmanship and style, but also that would fit into Bob’s mother’s budget.

While working with Bob’s mother, the couple sensed an unfulfilled need for creative window treatment design, paired with strong technical expertise. It occurred to them that this service is something other consumers would want. It was the guiding principle on which they founded their business, and it is the company’s core philosophy that endures today.

After the porch job, the couple began advertising their company and its commitment to service and value. Calls started to come in, and the business grew steadily. Within a few years, blinds and shades became their full-time focus. From new residential construction and remodels, Shades Unlimited grew to include commercial projects by the mid-1980s, and their product line expanded to included fabric awnings, draperies, and hardwood shutters.

Business and family had always been woven together. Their three sons grew up working in the business. They’d pitch in evenings after school, on weekends, and during holiday breaks and summers. Today, the business is multi-generational, with bases of operations in both Pennsylvania and Montana. Two of Bob’s and Elaine’s sons—Sal and Zach, as well as Zach’s wife Holly—have become key players and are shaping the company for the present and beyond.

As business has grown over the last three decades, so have the innovative product offerings and the fabricators that produce them. But the same focus on clients’ needs, quality of product, and commitment to service remains today.

Shades Unlimited continues to offer the finest quality of shades, blinds, and shutters on the market as well as to design and sew its own draperies, cornices, valances, and fabric awnings.

Whether done in-house or through a partnership with select fabricators, all of their offerings are built and designed with decades—rather than years—in mind to ensure that your custom window treatments are a beautiful and lasting investment in your home or business.


Hunter Douglas